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Early Spring by Caitiekabob Early Spring by Caitiekabob
Really, not so much early spring as non-existent winter. Things are starting to bloom out here despite not having hardly any rain.
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Weaslenut Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Where are you that there is a non-Existent winter? I'm in Michigan and we have been covered in snow and ice since November lol

what kind of flower is this? It's really pretty, it makes me think of the lily of the valley but I'm sure that isn't what it is

Caitiekabob Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm in California. We currently are in year 3 (I think) of a drought. Normally we get plenty of rain and some snow up in the mountains between November and, like, May. This year the only real rain we've gotten is 4 inches in the beginning of this month. The weather has been warm (I think it hit 80 somewhere in Cali and it was in the 70s for a few weeks up here in the mountains) and super dry. Most days it isn't even cloudy. It SOUNDS nice, I know, until you realize that most lakes are almost out of water and it means our fire season (usually Juneish - November) is now ALL year. ):

I think its a snowdrop flower. I bought the bulbs a few years ago and promptly forgot what it was, and even where I planted them. Somewhere in my garden is a lilly of the valley too, but it's never bloomed. Unless the gophers grabbed the bulb and ran off with it like they've done with most of my non-potted plants.
Weaslenut Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It was in the -40's last month, that was the wind chill, I think it was actually -20 or so, but I don't understand what should be used, all I know is it was cold, and I couldn't breathe. I forget that out west there is a fire season, I complain about what I call mud season, that's late winter/early spring, late fall/ early winter when it's really wet and it's cold, but not freezing so all of the water sits, and doesn't evaporate making it muddy and gross, but that's better than fire

My mom has a bunch of flower gardens and she never remembers where she plants the flowers lol, I always help, I enjoy them, especially the Oriental lilies, those are my favorite, but the squirrels tore up the bulb to my favorite one last year, I was really disappointed
Caitiekabob Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Brr! That is just TOO cold. We complain when it gets down into the 20s out here. Rarely do we get enough rain for water to sit for ages - even in normal years we only get something like a foot or two of rain a year. When we got 4 inches of rain in just a couple days it soaked up/ran off since everything is on some sort of slope up here. Having it be 50-70 degrees in winter isn't bad at all. If it was like that year round I would looove it, but unfortunately we get up to 115 degrees in summer - and then the power goes out because everyone is using their A/C lol. Might be even hotter this year since that seems to be the trend.

I didn't know what an Oriental lily was, so I looked it up real fast. Woooow those are pretty! I wish they'd grow out here, but I think they require too much water. I wound up buying a bunch of cactus and succulent plants this year to replace the flowers that have been stolen by gophers/died/only grow once etc in the hopes that I can have some color without having to use up a lot of water to keep them alive. My favorite plant that I've got in my garden is the Chinese Lantern, but it takes a LOT of water. ): I'm hoping I don't have to let it die this year, since I only just now got it to bloom and make the little lanterns after having planted it a few years ago.
Weaslenut Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I like the cold for a while, but not as cold as it can get, most years it doesn't get much below zero, and it averages between 10 and 20 degrees, last week it got up to 40 and it felt hot, I was outside in a t-shirt moving snow because as it melts the water can damage the foundation to the house, so we move it away, and now the whole yard is ice, I've fallen once already, but not bad.

They do need a lot of water, otherwise they wilt, We aren't always really wet, like in July/August it gets fairly dry, but I'm sure it's nothing like out there.
I've always loved succulents, agave especially, every year I get little ones and keep them in the pots, they usually end up dying, because of the dogs, or I water them too much or not enough (I had a lab that ate a little cactus before, labs will eat anything) I didn't know what the Chinese lantern was, I did a quick search and those are pretty cool, not the most beautiful flower, but it's one that's unique, something that I think is as valuable in flowers, it makes me think of a tomatillo though (Hopefully I found the right plant, Wikipedia isn't known to be the best of resources lol)

Jules1983 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Such a gorgeous shot, this is amazing! :love:
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